A F R I C A   -   G A L L E R Y  

A primary part of the teams time & interest is a client based in Africa & the UK, an environmental foundation Animals Rights Reserved Foundation (ARR) & their guest lodge Kongoni Lodge. Please click on the links to see more, it is a fantastic cause & a wonderful place to expand your mind.

VH was acting as the Directors of Communications and Strategic Development for the Lodge & the Foundation. The lodge is a 12 bedroom guests lodge situated on a 2000 acre ARR Reserved which also incorporates Mundui Estate on the edge of Lake Naivasha. The ARR Foundation head quarters & rehabilitation center are also based on the Reserve & acts as the perfect spot to reintroduce many of the recused animals from across the country.

Through the headquarters in Naivasha, Kenya & an office in London, VH dedicated their time to helping in the day-to-day general management, international financial logistics, new business, fundraising ideas, web-design & hosting for the Lodge & Foundation, as well as managing the operations of the Mobile vet unit, the Lab, marketing & fundraising ideas. Our involvement is now more limited as the lodge is being run by the mangers we found, and the foundation is operating smoothly & consistently. Edward Winter sits on the board of Trustee for ARR Foundation UK.

                                                  www.arr-foundation.com : www.kongonilodge.com : www.munduiestate.com